My Being, My Body

Grace is currently writing her new book My Being, My Body. It explores – through personal testimony and extensive research – the importance of getting out of the head and into the being-body. The term ‘mental’ health is one based on dualism – the idea that our physical bodies and mental lives are separate; that our bodies are objects and our minds consist of invisible, immaterial thoughts. More recently, with the rise of brain science, the mind has been associated with various brain functions and chemicals – which appears to provide a physical basis for our mental lives. Most people tend to relate to one or both of these ideas. However, in both of these models, our bodies start below our necks and we constantly objectify them through exercising them, doing things to them, trying to listen to them, without really fully living in them. This is made worse by our increasingly technologically based society which makes us live our lives between head, eyes and screen. Grace believes that our wellbeing relates to our whole being and can’t be separated into physical and mental aspects. In fact, by living in our heads and out of our whole bodies we increasingly misread what is happening to us and how we feel. Grace explores how anorexia was an extreme idea of living in the head and how she has spent many years getting back into her body. Among lots of ideas in the book, Grace considers the role of yoga in helping her feel her whole body again. Please contact if you are interested.