Grace writes and speaks on eating disorders, mental health and wellbeing. She is happy to talk about her experience or more broadly. Please email on for more information.


Elle Magazine
Making Myself Eat

Grace writes for Elle magazine about anorexia; how she recovered from it, and how she deals with the pressure to be diet in a skinny-fit world.
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The Sunday Times
How mum saved me from myself
Grace writes for The Sunday Times News Review about how her mum dealt with her anorexia, and what parents can do to spot the signs
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The Times Educational Supplement
Addiction That Becomes An Illness
Grace writes for the Times Educational Supplement. She describes how academic pressure contributed to her teenage anxieties, which precipitated her eating disorder.
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The Independent
My years of living dangerously
At 18 she was pretty, popular, heading for Cambridge – and slowly starving herself to death. Now, 10 years later, Grace Bowman analyses what made her anorexic.
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The Guardian
In Good Shape
Grace writes for the Guardian newspaper about her first pregnancy.
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